Value for Money

Key to EngMek’s success has been our almost forensic search for savings and efficiencies for our customers while never compromising on manufacturing quality or delivery schedules.

EngMek embraces innovation in technologies that will help us deliver these efficiencies even better; that innovation combined with our deeply personal service and attention to detail delivers significant and ongoing savings to our customers.

Kan-Ban Systems
This system allows EngMek to manage the stock inventories on a daily/weekly basis to ensure that our customers’ production lines have a continual flow of parts. It is designed around volume usage.

It entails keeping the bins on the production line topped up at all times. Customers who have used this system have made significant savings by avoiding excessive stock, stock-outs and also saved in administrative costs as a reduced number of suppliers require less management.

Vendor Management
This is a system EngMek has developed for a number of customers where the system manages a number of suppliers for a customer on a global basis; consolidating products in one location and then shipping direct to the customer in one container.

This has resulted in huge savings on carriage for EngMek customers as well as removing the logistical nightmare 
of co-ordinating multiple suppliers.

Web Based Stock Management System
EngMek has developed a formal business relationship with an international software company called Genesis who have developed a unique web-based inventory management system.

The web-based system monitors stock levels in real-time using mobile phone GPRS technology and bar code scanning and can be accessed via any internet-connected device.

The customer sets minimum stock levels for each item and real-time reports to the supplier allow for constant monitoring of stock levels. Genesis has specifically modified their stock management system for EngMek customers to allow their software be directly linked to EngMek customers’ ERP systems.

The benefits of VMI software are clear:

  • Reduced Costs. 
It will reduce the costs of managing your stock while providing more management control than available ever before.
  • Increased Control. 
The ability to prevent stock-outs and to know the exact usage by department, right down to the individual user, makes it an ideal tool for reducing inventory costs and improving efficiency.
  • Prevent Stock-outs.
 Genesis helps to prevent costly and disruptive 
stock-outs by giving exact usage by department.
Increased Customer & Vendor Efficiency. 
Both customer and vendor can work together to 
track the performance in real-time of the VMI system by improving its overall efficiency on an ongoing basis. The customer and Vendor can work together 
to reduce costs and monitor overall performance 
to improve efficiency.
  • Real-time reports. 
All reports are “live” – no more “historical data”. Reports can be easily customised by individual 
users to suit their particular requirements.