Our Quality Promise and Commitment

EngMek, an ISO registered company, has built its reputation on supplying quality product to the market. Since our inception, we have continuously invested significant resources in building up and developing a well-resourced Quality Control department in China. This department ensures that all products shipped from EngMek’s contracted manufacturers meet the quality standards required by our blue-chip global customers.

EngMek employs our own QC engineers who are responsible for auditing our contracted manufacturers to ensure their capability to manufacture a quality-guaranteed product. From the time a P.O. is placed with our Irish Head Office to shipping date; our QC engineers agree a Quality Plan with our customer and the manufacturers for the particular part required. Once all QC aspects of the part are agreed, our QC team along with the manufacturing QC dept work together to ensure the agreed checks are carried out. Final inspection prior to shipment is carried out by EngMek QC engineers and once passed ‘to ship’, QC documents are prepared such as FAI, MATERIAL CERTS, ROHS CERTS and REACH CERTS.

EngMek also operates an ‘open door’ policy with our customers –  if they wish they can come and visit any of the manufacturers we work with so they are comfortable with the factories that manufacture our products. Many of our customers have sent their engineers to China to visit facilities prior to placing business with EngMek to see for themselves what these facilities can offer and to see what controls are in place.

This policy has led to long-term relationships with our customers, as any fears or misconceptions they may have had on quality have been allayed; customers also can have an input in to what quality control standards, specific to their own requirements, need to be put in place prior to manufacturing.