General Engineering

EngMek sales/technical staff meet face to face with our customers in the general engineering sector on a regular basis. This allows us to not only take orders for standard engineering parts but also to identify, suggest and discuss any potential areas in our clients’ manufacturing processes where EngMek can achieve cost reductions. Savings can regularly be achieved by sourcing better value products in the Asian market backed up by EngMek quality and service.

How do we achieve such radical savings?
EngMek can, within a very short period of time, produce a sample replacement product together with a competitive pricing structure. The only commitment from the customer is to provide a drawing or sample of the product.

EngMek sales staff are always available to discuss Supply Chain Management solutions that will increase the efficiency of our customers’ stock management systems.

Some of the standard parts on offer to the 
Engineering sector:

  • Din 931 Bolts 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
  • Din 933 Bolts Fully Threaded 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
  • Din 934 Grade 8 & 10
  • Din 985 Grade 8 & 10
  • Din 125 Flat Washers
  • Din 127 Spring Washers
  • Din 9021 Body Washers
  • Din 435 Tapered Washers
  • Din 7349 Heavy Duty Washers
  • Din 439 Thin Nuts

  • Din 975 
Threaded Rod 4.6 & 8.8 in Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel & Hot Dip Galvanised, 1m, 2m and 3m
  • Din 603 Cup Head Bolts
  • Din 571 Coach Screws
  • Tec Screws
  • Drill Bits
  • Cutting Discs
  • Loose and Projecting Bolts, Sleeve Anchors
  • Through Bolts (approved and unapproved).