About Us

Engmek was formed in 2009 by Cathal Kiely and Rory McCarthy.

Cathal Kiely, who had by then over twenty years experience in the Fastener Industry, developed a niche market in the United States for metal stamped parts that were manufactured in China.

EngMek’s first major customer was NCR Corporation and its subcontractors when EngMek became an approved supplier to NCR for over forty parts. This market was an instant success and allowed EngMek to expand onto the global market and to also introduce new product ranges.

In 2010 in order to support our expanding customer base, EngMek set up a Joint Venture (JV) company in China. This joint venture now called ‘EngMek China’ supported EngMek on a global basis by setting up a fully-equipped, Quality Control department in Shanghai. This in-house Quality Control allows pre-shipment checks of all goods leaving China as well as carrying out detailed quality audits of all contracted and potential suppliers.

Engmek China also set up a Purchasing Department staffed with experienced people. to ensure that we could guarantee our global customers a cost-effective price while ensuring uncompromised quality at all times.

EngMek is now a supplier of fasteners and other engineering products to global, blue-chip companies such as C & F Group, NCR, IBM, APC and ThermoKing amongst others. We have offices in Europe and China: both of which service our growing, global customer base.